Friday, March 5th 2021 Keynotes

Saturday, March 6th 2021 Speakers


9:15 – 10:30 am [3rd Keynote Speaker: Marilyn Zecher – Multisensory Math] 

10:45 am – 3:15 pm

Literacy Stream Math Stream AT Stream
10.45-12noon Session 1

Structured Literacy

Speaker: Liisa Freure

Math Strategies and Digital Tools

Speaker: Fleur Lay


Assessment and Evaluation Online

Speaker: Usha James


Non-Verbal LDs

Speaker: Elizabeth Mendelson


12.30-1.45pm Session 2

Phonological Awareness

Speaker: Sherri Rain 


The Typical and Atypical Development of Numerical Skills

Speaker: Daniel Ansari


The Mysteries of Assistive Technologies

Speaker: Yvan Roy


Bullying and Social Skills

Speaker: Kevin Cyr


2:00-3.15pm Session 3

Structured Word Inquiry

Speaker: Rebecca Loveless


Processing Speed/ Memory

Speaker: Todd Cunningham

Executive Functioning and AT tools

Speaker: Wendy Farkas 


Mental Health and LDs

Speaker: Integra

3:30 – 04:30 pm [4th Keynote Speaker: ADHD as a Disorder of Self-Regulation and Executive Functioning – Dr. Russell Barkley]