Ready, Set, Read! Summer Read-a-Thon

July 12 - August 12, 2019

What: Children commit to at least 20 minutes a day of reading practice during the read-a-thon, and obtain sponsors for their involvement. All donations are collected online, no pledge forms necessary! Reading can be done anywhere: at home, at the park, on the beach, wherever children choose!

Why: The purpose of this read-a-thon is to promote a love of reading in students and reduce the summer learning loss that can take place during the summer break. The summer learning gap can be particularly problematic for vulnerable children, and literacy skills may be the area of achievement that is most affected.

What Will The Proceeds Support: Proceeds of this read-a-thon will directly support the Learning Disabilities Association of Halton-Hamilton’s reading intervention programs and help to ensure that we can continue to be  available to families in need.

There will be prizes for the top fundraisers!

Email Katie Jacobs at executivedirector@Ldahh.ca for more information

What To Count As Reading/Reading Activities
  1. Reading out loud (either alone or to other people): Could read in the house, on the beach, in a tree, in the backyard, on an airplane, in a hotel, in a fort, anywhere! (could be a fiction or non-fiction book, a comic book, a high interest magazine). Children can read to a parent, a friend, a grandparent, a sibling, or anyone else. If a sibling is also participating in the read-a-thon it counts for both of them! *Parent tip: Make sure that you know your child’s reading level and provide them with books that are on or just above their level
  1. Listening to other people read aloud. Read to your child! This models fluency, accuracy, and expression so they can learn to read like you do. Make sure that when you are reading you get into character. Use voices for different characters and make sure to have fun with rhyming or pattern books
  1. Reading aloud to a pet. Reading to a pet gives children a safe environment to practice their reading, make mistakes, and grow as a reader
  1. Listening to an electronic book, online stories, or playing online reading games. Here are some great resources:
  1. Playing hands-on sight word and phonics games. If your child is hesitant to read, they can play some fun games/activities to build their sight word vocabulary or phonics skills. Here are some great resources to check out: