Reading Rocks Testimonials

What do parents have to say about Reading Rocks?

I loved this program, I didn’t have to force my kids to go because they were excited to attend. Reading Rocks is amazing because it was tailored to each child’s interest. My son loves video games so that was incorporated during his sessions and on his board. Both my son and daughter are so much more confident and willing to try different reading tasks.

Reading Rocks Parent

Thank you once again for such an amazing program! Lincoln has excelled and gained confidence in his literacy because of this program.  Lindsay was amazing with him and knew exactly how to hold his attention and keep him engaged.  Excellent all around!

Reading Rocks Parent

Thank you for running such a super reading program with great tutors. This program has helped my both boys very much. They loved their tutors and has developed love of reading. I see a great change in my boys. Thank you again for giving my both sons the opportunity to be in this program and achieve their academic goals

Reading Rocks Parent

Wow! What a difference reading rocks has made for Jared. Christina was amazing and can’t thank her and Asma enough for their efforts. Is there any possible way we can get Jared in the next session? He was actually excited every night before knowing he had reading rocks the next day. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help his chances.

Jeff Johnson

We were very happy to have our son participate in the program.  He loved creating a special board to track his progress and incorporating pictures of his interests made him very proud to show it off. Our teacher Jessica, was outstanding.  She was professional, and so encouraging each week.  Our son enjoyed going each week and we couldn’t Thank Jessica enough for all her dedication to helping him learn.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in this excellent program!

Denise Crowler

Our son made a huge leap in learning how to read during this program!  It is a small step but a big step for him, as he could not grasp the concept of fusing sounds of letters together. He has known the sounds that individual letters make for years now, but he hit a wall when it came to actually putting letters together.  His school and our family struggled to teach him this concept.  Like magic, during the program he started understanding this concept.  His school reported to me also that they noticed that he was fusing letter sounds together!!!

Thank you so much for this program! You all do a wonderful job! Reading opens up such a new world for our kids!

Milen Teweldai