LDAHH is offering a new, productive way to keep students focused on their schoolwork at home!

As you all know, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, LDAHH has been forced to postponed our existing programs until further notice. We want all our clients to know and understand that we do not take this situation lightly. For children and youth with learning disabilities the time off from school will be especially difficult. In response, we have decided to offer academic support online through a new e-Tutoring program. 

What is e-Tutoring?

e-Tutoring is an academic content enrichment program for students age 6-14, to extend the online learning efforts of local schools. This program focuses on the fundamental concepts (sometimes known as big ideas in the Ontario education curriculum) in language and mathematics. Our tutors will use information provided by schools (IEPs etc) and various assessment tools to promote engagement and critical thinking on problems that reference grade-specific material. Classes will be taught by an experienced educator.

The math tutoring will focus on number sense and numeration, as well as problem-solving and critical thinking.  The language tutoring will focus on basic reading comprehension and writing mechanics. All sessions will be carried out via our secure Google Apps for Education platform. Students will need a personal Google account, a personal computer with high-speed internet access, a microphone, a webcam, and headphones.

The following is important information to take note of:

  • Students MUST have an IEP in order to be considered for this online program
  • Diagnosis of a Learning Disability is not required for participation in this program, however, priority will be given to students with a diagnosed LD.
  • Sessions will be 1 hour long in length, once per week
  • Parents will be asked to provide tutors with information on their child’s current focus at school

*Please note, e-Tutoring is NOT the same as our Orton-Gillingham Instructional Remediation Program, which is more comprehensive and based on Learning Disabilities research


*Thanks to funding support from the Hamilton Community Foundation, the Burlington Community Foundation, and the Halton Region, sessions will be FREE*

Free Hour of One-on-One Technology Coaching from LearnStyle

Should you have any questions please get in contact via email with Samantha Sweet, e-Tutoring Program Lead, OCT: samantha_sweet@ldahh.ca.