Executive Functioning Program

8Rationale: Students with suspected or diagnosed LDs often struggle with their executive functioning skills. Over the past two months, a number of parents have reached out to us looking for support in this area. The aim of this program is to support high school students by providing 4-weeks of learning strategies coaching that will help them learn the skills they need to independently complete homework assignments, larger projects, and/or study for tests.  


Program Description: Executive Function is known as the “management system” of the brain. It includes skills related to a person’s working memory, flexible thinking, and impulse control. Students with poor executive functioning skills struggle to set goals, plan, and get things done. They may have difficulty focusing, following directions, or controlling their emotions. This can impact them not only at school but also in their daily lives at home. 


Our 4-week Executive Function program is run by a learning strategist in a small-group virtual setting. Students will have the opportunity to set goals for themselves, and learn the skills they need to successfully complete school assignments and projects. Topics will be determined based on the unique needs of the students and may include, but not be limited to: planning, setting up your workspace to limit distractions, chunking, studying for tests, creating task motivation, self-awareness and monitoring of progress, and developing intrinsic motivation. 


*Acceptance into the group is based on match and suitability of the cohort. Enrolment is not guaranteed. 

Facilitator: Kim Corbin

Length: 4 weeks

**Grades: 9-12**
Schedule:  Monday and Thursday 3:30 – 4:15 PM, ONLINE

February 15 – March 8, 2021

Cost: $175 for non-members, $150 for members

If you are interested, please contact info@ldahh.ca

The Learning Disabilities Association of Halton-Hamilton follows and will continue to follow all Public Health guidelines and requirements for the operation of its in-person programs.  However, due to the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and it’s affect on the Halton-Hamilton area, the Learning Disabilities Association of Halton-Hamilton reserves the right to transition all in-person classes to a virtual environment in accordance to any recommendation by Health Canada. When signing up for this program, you agree that in-person classes may be held online when deemed necessary. No refunds will be applicable in the case that classes continue in-person and families choose to withdraw, but applicants will have the choice to withdraw if classes transition to online-based learning.



Hi Alison,

I just wanted to thank you for the Executive Functioning Class. I truly learnt so much that I can apply to every aspect of my life and now. I can actually remember everything with the help of the Google Docs that you made.
I really enjoyed your personal examples and experiences. Just to let you know, I downsized to one calendar hahaha!
Noa McLeish

Program Participant