Cambrian College is pleased to announce that registration for fall courses for our 3 learning disabilities programs will open next week (August 15)!

**The courses and programs are all online and part-time.

·         ATLD – Learning Disability Specialist: Assistive Technologist

·         LSLD – Learning Disability Specialist: Learning Strategist

·         LDGC – Applied Learning Disability Specialist

We are also running some other interesting disability related courses

·         TEA1001 – Winning at Math: Math Strategies

·         HEA1033 – Mental Health: Supporting Students and Staff

Please find some information about these programs and courses.

Contact Marlene McIntosh for more information:

1 -ATLD_LD Specialist Assistive Technologist

2 -LSLD_LD Specialist Learning Strategist

3 -LDGC_Applied LD Program